All about Delivery Charges

Delivery cost and Delivery surcharge

Delivery Cost and Delivery Surcharges can be applied in a number of ways. There is a priority order in which these charges are applied as defined here:

Delivery Cost

  • If Customer Delivery charge is set (Contacts > Customer), then it will apply to every order. No surcharges can apply.
  • If Company Delivery Charge is set (Contacts > Company) and there is no Customer Delivery charge, then the Company delivery charge will apply to every order. No surcharges will apply.
  • If Delivery Postcodes are enabled (Settings > Delivery Postcodes), the Delivery postcode charge will apply. Delivery Surcharges can also apply. (see below).
  • If none of the above apply, then you can specify a default delivery cost (Settings > Customer Orders) which will be added to every order. Surcharges may apply.

Delivery Surcharge

  • Delivery surcharge can be set on Settings > Customer Orders in the daily times table.
  • Customers using multiple sites, can override the surcharges at site level (Settings > Sites) or leave the values blank to use the default setting(Settings > Customer Orders).
  • If you wish to apply surcharge for weekend delivery then you can enter it into the table. For no surcharge leave the field blank.

Note: Leaving a field blank is different from entering 0. For example if you set a specific Customer's Delivery charge to 0 he will never get any delivery charge. If you leave it blank instead, then he will be subject to any delivery charges or surcharges which may apply. 

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