You can generate an email inviting your customer (or your Staff) to provide feedback on your order. 

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is in the form of a five star rating, along with a limited (1000 characters) comment on the service.

Staff Feedback

Feedback is also available from your employees (Staff), This allows for an overall 5 star rating and comments, but you can also specify up to five separate topics which will each have a 5 star rating and comments.

Feedback Process

The Feedback email will be sent about 22 hours after the order has completed. You can modify the email in settings > email Templates.

The customer (or Staff member) is invited to click on a link which will allow them to return their rating and comments. If they do not respond within 2 weeks, then the feedback will no longer be accepted.

Viewing Feedback

You can see the feedback on the orders page, when you select the order for which the feedback was issued. 

You can see when the feedback email was sent, and when the response was received on the Order History page.

You can see recent Feedback on the Contacts page 

You can view the Feedback Reports which detail and summarise all feedback which was received within a specified date range. . 

Enabling Feedback

To enable Customer feedback, you must have Module CRM, and to enable Staff feedback you need Module CRM and Module Staffing.

In your FoodStorm admin system, navigate to Settings > Feedback and expand the Feedback triangle. Click on the Edit (pencil icon) to edit the Feedback Settings. 

For Customer Feedback, check the Customer Feedback box to start requesting feedback. Your first Feedback Email will be sent out 22 hours after your next order is delivered.

For Staff Feedback check the Staff Feedback box, and specify the extra topics on which you wish to receive ratings and comments. 

For both types of feedback, you can optionally exclude certain Order Types.

You can also request to be notified should a returned Feedback rating fall below a certain level. Select the number of stars at, or below which a warning email will be sent. You must provide an email address if you use this option.


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