Scheduling a Report

Scheduled Reports allow you to automatically email reports on a recurring schedule. For example, you could schedule a Production Log to be emailed to your kitchen every morning, or email a monthly sales report to management.

To schedule a report:

  1. Click the arrow icon next to the Reports tab, then click Report Schedules.
  2. Click Add Report Schedule from the page menu bar.
  3. Fill in each of the fields. A description of each field is provided below:
    • Name: Enter a name for the report schedule that describes the schedule, e.g. "Daily production log". The name is for your own reference only.
    • Report: Select the report that you want to schedule. 
    • Email: The email address that you want the report to be sent to. For multiple email addresses, see the next field below.
    • CC: Enter one or more additional email addresses that the report will be CC'd to - separate each email address with a comma.
    • Start Date: Enter the date from which the report schedules should begin sending. Note: This field has no effect on the report data itself - see Filters below.
    • End Date: (Optional) Enter the date when you want the report schedules to stop sending. To email reports indefinitely, leave this field blank.
    • Format: Select the format that you would like the report to be attached as (e.g Excel, PDF).
    • Recurrence: Select a recurrence option for the frequency of when reports will be sent (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).
  4. Recurrence Options. Based on the recurrence option you selected, you will be presented with one of the following options:
    • Daily: Enter the time of day at which the report will be emailed. Also select whether weekends should be ignored from the schedule.
    • Weekly: Select the day of the week at which the report will be emailed. Also enter the time of day.
    • Monthly: You report will be sent on the 1st day of each month. Enter the time of day at which the report will be emailed.
  5. Filters. Based on the report you selected, you may need to enter some filters. Note that only date filters are mandatory, other filters can be left blank if no required. A description of the date filters is provided below:
    • Date or From Date. Enter the number of days from the run date of the schedule. For example, if a report is sent on 1st March, the run date is 1st March:
      • To provide a report for that days orders, you would set the number of days to zero (0).
      • To provide a report for the next days orders, you would set the number of days to 1.
      • To provide a report for the previous days orders, you would set the number of days to -1.
    • To Date. As per Date & From Date above, however the number of days will affect the To Date of the report.  E.g:
      • To provide a report of the next 7 days of orders, set the From Date number of days to 0 and the To Date number of days to 6.
  6. Preview Report. You can test the report by clicking the View, Print or Save buttons. This will display the report to you on the screen, however it will not email the report.
  7. If you are happy with your settings, and how the report looks click Save and exit.

Your Report Schedule will be active immediately and the selected report will be emailed when the recurrence rules are met.


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