Customising Reports

Tailoring your report

There are 4 sections which may or may not be available for you to change (depending on the complexity of the report you wish to change). 

1. Columns:   You can add, remove or re-size columns.

2. Filters: You can add or remove filters.

3. Layout: You can alter properties like whether the report is Landscape/Portrait, or amend the page size.  

4. Advanced: Only intended for IT specialists who are familiar with the Microsoft report engine

5. After you have made changes, but before you save them, you can preview the report to see the new look. 

To amend your report, you should select the report either from the report library and click 'add to favourites'  or from your favourites you can click 'Edit'.

This will bring you to the edit screen and is split into the sections described above. Expand by clicking the little triangle icon, to see whether the option is able to be edited.

If the option you wish to amend is not available, then maybe your task is too complex, or maybe you can find another way to accomplish your goal, it is always an option to find an IT specialist who can manipulate the 'advanced'  section of the report.

Assuming that your option allows you to make changes (for example in the Companies folder of standard reports is the Companies Details report which allows you to make all changes)

1. Columns 

Expanding the Columns triangle will display all the currently included columns in your report. You can add a new column by clicking in the space under the last named column, or you can right-click and insert a column. You can choose from the available columns and you can amend the label which appears on the report. You can amend the width of each column in the report, (although if you opt to 'View' the report, the widths will be ignored, as they are only used when you save the report in PDF format or Excel format.)

You can delete a column by right-clicking a highlighted row. 

2. Filters

These control what content appears in the report, you can for instance only select companies which joined last year by adding a filter of Created Date is greater than or equal to the 1st of January (last year).  You can add another filter to specify that Created Date is less than 1st January this year.

Make sure you try out your changes using the Preview function before saving.

3. Layout  

 Here you can select from drop down boxes whether you want the report to be Portrait or Landscape, to choose a font size for the report, and to choose a page size (A4, A3, US Letter, or US Legal).

4. Advanced: see under a separate article 'advanced editing of reports'

5. Preview

You can check your report here, but when you are happy with the results you should press the 'Save' button at the top or at the bottom of the page, and this will add your new report to your favourites library. Don't forget to give it an appropriate new name before you save it.



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