Advanced editing of reports using RDL

Note: This article is intended for software developers or report building experts!

FoodStorm reports are built using the Microsoft Report Definition Language (RDL). If you want to make advanced changes to your reports that are not possible using our standard report editor, then you can upload your own RDL file into FoodStorm.

Microsoft provides a drag-and-drop report editor as a part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. Note: Previous versions of Visual Studio will NOT work, as they use an older version of the RDL language. The same rule may also apply if there is a newer version of Visual Studio by the time you read this article.

To edit a FoodStorm report in Visual Studio 2012, follow these steps:

  1. In FoodStorm, find the report you want to edit and click Add to Favourites.
  2. On the Add to Favourites page, expand the Advanced section, then copy & paste the RDL content into a text editor like Notepad.
  3. Save the file to your PC, with the file extension .RDLC (Note: Do not use just .RDL as this will change the syntax of the report, it must be .RDLC)
  4. Open the file in Visual Studio and make your changes.
  5. To test your changes and publish your report you need to paste the updated RDL content back into FoodStorm. There is no simple way of viewing the RDL content of a report in Visual Studio, so the simplest way is to open the file in Notepad or similar then copy the RDL content.
  6. Paste the RDL content back into FoodStorm. You can then click the Preview button to preview your changes.
  7. When you are happy with your report, click Save.

RDL support & resources

We are unable to provide guidance or technical support around the RDL language or editing in Visual Studio, however there are lots of resources online to assist you. The MSDN website in particular provides some great information:

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