Orders page overview

The Orders page in FoodStorm for Care allows you to view, add & edit food orders for your customers. Before getting started with the Orders page, we recommend that you've first set up your residents and a meal rotation. You can read more about these here:

You can view the Orders page by clicking the Orders tab at the top of any page in FoodStorm.

The Orders page is divided into 2 columns. The left column displays a calendar and a list of your customers, and the right column displays a week of orders for a selected customer.

To view the orders for a customer:

  1. Click on a week in the calendar.
  2. Click on a customer from the list.
The orders for the selected customer will be displayed in the right column.

Status Icons

Alongside each customer in the list you will notice an icon. These icons represent the status of the orders for the customer:
  • A blue dash icon (dashicon.png) means that no orders have yet been placed for this customer on this week.
  • A yellow alert icon (alerticon.png) means that some orders have been placed for the week, but not all days contain orders.
  • A green tick icon (tickicon.png) means that all orders have been placed for this customer & week.
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