Viewing a history of orders placed from meal schedules

You can view the results of automatic orders placed from your meal schedules via the History page:

  1. Move your mouse over the Contacts tab, then select Meal Schedules from the menu.
  2. Click the History button at the top of the page. A list of the 20 most recent automatic order attempts will be displayed. For each attempt you will see a message containing the following:
  • X orders placed. This is a count of the orders that were successfully placed.
  • X order skipped. This is a count of orders skipped for the following reasons:
    • A meal schedule is not enabled for a particular customer (see Enabling or disabling a meal schedule).
    • An order already exists for the selected customer & day.
    • No meal selections were made in the meal schedule for the selected customer & day,
  • X orders failed. A technical problem occurred placing the order, this should never occur but please contact our support team if it does.
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