Deferred Payment Rules

Deferred Payments require credit card details to be temporarily stored by FoodStorm, and as such there are a number of rules that we adhere to protect your customers.

  • It is not possible to view any credit card details in FoodStorm, such as the card number or expiry date.
  • As soon as a deferred payment is processed, all card details are permanently deleted.
  • An order cannot be placed more than 30 days in the future via your shopping cart. This is to prevent card details from being stored for an unnecessary amount of time.

15% threshold on final order total

If the final order total is more than 15% more than the initial order total when the order was placed by the customer, the deferred payment will not be processed.

This rule is in placed to prevent unexpected payments that could cause customer issues.

Payment failure notification

If a deferred payment fails for any reason, the customer is notified automatically via email. The email message also contains a link to your shopping cart, allowing the customer to re-try the payment by entering their card details again.

If you would like your staff to also be notified of deferred payment failures, enter an email address in the Email notification of payments field under Settings > Shopping Cart.

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