Setting up a Paypoint Account

Paypoint is a UK payment provider. If you sign up with Paypoint, you will be able to accept online credit card payments (in £ Sterling only) from your customers into your bank account.  

Online credit card payments can be enabled from your shopping cart or from within the admin system. 

Sign up with Paypoint

Visit and follow through the sign-up procedure to open an Internet Merchant Account(IMA). There is plenty of good reading available on this site which will assist you. 

You can have your account set up and accept your first payment within 24 hours if things go well. 

If you want technical detail, we have implemented "Gateway Freedom" via API.

Using paypoint

You will need to login to your Paypoint account using your email address and the password provided. You are going to find two things.

  1. The first is the Merchant Code which should be visible in the top right of your screen when you log in. Take a note of it. 
  2. Now you need your VPN password. Your VPN password can be set from within the Extranet PayPoint application. (Click on "Account" then "Remote Passwords" and select VPN from the drop down list). 

When you do have these items you enter them into the FoodStorm > Settings > Payment page (this bit is easy to do, however if you want more information on how to do this then Read this article on how to do update your settings).

Finally, if you wish to accept online payments in your shopping cart you should go to the

 FoodStorm > Settings > Shopping Cart page and set "Online Payment Enabled" to "Yes"


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