Setting up a PayPal account

Setting up a PayPal account is free, but PayPal charge a fee per transaction. You can find out more on the PayPal Merchant website:

Note that FoodStorm integrates with PayPal Express Checkout only, which has no monthly fee and accepts PayPal payments only (not credit card payments). So make sure you don't sign up for Website Payments Standard or Website Payments Pro as these charge a monthly fee.

Creating a PayPal Business Account

To create a PayPal account you go to https://www.paypal.comand sign up for a Business Account.

There are a variety of screens to navigate, and options to select.

The main thing to bear in mind is that you will (probably) want to use the “Express Checkout” payment method.  This is also offered under the guise of “PayPal as an additional Payment Option”.

There is a 2-stage process to set up your account. If you delay in entering all the details you will “timeout” the session and will have to start again.

You will be asked to provide your company details and you will also have to provide an email address which will be used as your sign in to PayPal.

You will be asked to confirm your sign-up by responding to email in your inbox.

Do this before moving onto the next stage…

Setting up the API details

Having confirmed your sign-up you can login to your Business PayPal account.

Click the “Go to my Business Setup” link you will be offered a number of ways to set up your payment details.

There are two "DO NOT" items which are listed here before you go ahead. This is to assist you to get the correct option!

1. DO NOT click "Grant API permission"

2. DO NOT click "Enable PayPal Express Checkout to accept payments from your online shops right away"

Do the following!

You select “API permissions and credentials”. You should select the option corresponding to:

Request credentials to create your own API username, password, and signature.

Once your request has been performed, you will be shown a screen containing:

  • An API user name (which will be slightly different from your login email address)
  • An API password
  • An API signature (which is about 50 characters long!).

You can copy and then paste all these details straight into to the matching fields shown on the FoodStorm > Settings > Payment page. Read this article for more information on how to do this.

Configuring Paypal

There are plenty of options within PayPal to allow you to configure your PayPal account. It is worth spending some time looking at your various options within PayPal, once you have created the account and logged in.

API Details

If you wish to see  your API UserID, Password and signature. You can view these details in PayPal by navigating to "My Profile" and then "My Selling Preferences"  under the "selling online" tab click on update "API access" and then "view API Signature".


You can hold money in a single currency, or you can accept foreign currency and convert it to your own currency, or you can accept foreign currency and keep a separate account in that currency.

Account Name

You can change the name that is shown on your emails and payments.

Blocking payments

You can block payments from specific buyers.



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