Standing Beverage Orders

In event mode, each customer (company) can create a Standing Beverage Order that will be available for all events and event orders.

Customers are prompted to create their standing beverage order when they first sign into the shopping cart to place an order. When placing an order, customers must select if they want to use their standing beverage order, and may also request modifications specific to the selected event.

Customers can update their standing beverage order at any time using the shopping cart, by clicking Account > Standing Beverage Order.

Adding available beverages

Before customers can create a Standing Beverage Order, you must first create the available beverages as Items. To create your available beverages:

  1. Click Items to view the Items page.
  2. Beverages for standing beverage orders must be placed into their own categories (e.g. “Beer”, “Wine”, “Mixers” etc.) so first create a new category for your beverages. Click Sold Items in the left column, then click Add a Category.
  3. Enter a name for the category, and click Yes for Available for standing beverage orders.
  4. Click Save and exit.
  5. Now you can add your available beverages to this category, see Adding an item for more information.

You can add multiple categories of available beverages, as long as Available for standing beverage orders is set to Yes for each category.

Viewing and modifying a customer standing beverage order

To view and modify a customer’s standing beverage order:

  1. Click Contacts to view the contacts page.
  2. Search for the customer company using the search field in the page menu bar. (Standing beverage orders are stored against Companies, not Contacts – so ensure you are searching for a Company name).
  3. Click on the Company from the search results, then click Standing Beverage Order from the panel below.

The standing beverage order will be displayed, and can optionally be edited by clicking Save and exit.

Tip: To view the standing beverage orders for all customers, there is a Report located in Reports > Production Logs > Standing Beverage Orders.

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