Rooms and Room Access

In event mode, every order must be linked to a Room (e.g. a suite in a stadium, a corporate tent, etc). Furthermore, each room must be allocated to a Company – i.e. the company who has access to that room during the event.

Before you configure your rooms, first ensure that all of the Companies that will occupy your rooms are in FoodStorm. See Adding a company for more information.

To add a room and allocate to a company:

  1. Click Settings to view the Settings page.
  2. Click Rooms in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Each room must be allocated to a Level, click Add Level from the left column to add a level.
  4. Enter a name for the level, then click Save and exit.
  5. Click Add a Room.
  6. Select a level, enter a name for the room, then type in the name of the company who occupy that room.
  7. Click Save and exit.

The room will be added and allocated to the selected company.

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