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If you have multiple teams producing food in different locations, then Sites allow you to segregate your orders so that each team only sees orders relevant to their site.

The process for setting up multiple sites is as follows:

  1. First, create your sites via the Account page. Note that adding more than one site will incur an additional monthly fee, which is displayed on the Add Site page before you create the site.
  2. You can then allocate user accounts to each site, so that specific FoodStorm users will only see orders relevant to their site.
  3. Finally, when adding an Order, the Order can be allocated to a Site. This will determine which users can view and edit the order.

Data Segregation

When a User is allocated to a site, the following FoodStorm functions will limit data to the selected site only:

  • All Customer Orders & Quotes on the Orders page. This includes the Schedule, Delivery Allocation, & Bulk Printing.
  • All Reports that display Orders, Deliveries or Payments, e.g. Production Log, Delivery Log & Payment Summary reports.
  • All Export functions that export Orders or Order items.

Note that some FoodStorm functions will not limit data, since the data is not linked to a specific site. This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Contacts, i.e. Customers. Contacts are not linked to a specific site, since they may order from multiple sites.
  • Items, i.e. Sold Items. All of your Food & Beverage items will be shared between sites.


Some system settings can be overridden at a site level, see Site Settings for more information.

Internal Ordering

If you are using Internal Ordering, then you can allocate your levels & rooms to each site. This will allow customers to select a Site, Level & Room when placing an order via your shopping cart.

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