Linking Sites to an Item Set

Item Sets are available on the Max plan of FoodStorm only.

This article is only relevant if you are using multiple sites within a single FoodStorm system.

Once you have created an Item Set and allocated Sold Items to the set, you can link the item set to specific sites. Doing so will change the way your shopping cart works, requiring customers to select a site before they can browse your items. This is because each site may display different items and prices.

To link a Site to an Item Set:

  1. Click Settings to view the Settings page.
  2. Click Site Settings to view a list of your Sites.
  3. Edit a Site by hovering over the site and clicking the Pencil icon.
  4. From the Item Set drop-down list, select the Item Set to use for the site.
  5. Click Save.

The site is then linked to the item set, and your shopping cart will be immediately updated to require customers to select a site when they first visit your shopping cart.

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