Automatic Invoicing

FoodStorm can automatically raise invoices for your orders, and email the invoice to each customer. The invoice can be sent on the day of delivery of the order, or up to 24 hours after - allowing you to make changes after the event if required.

To enable automatic invoicing:

  1. Click Settings to view the Settings page.
  2. Click Invoicing, then Edit.
  3. Tick Invoice Orders Automatically.
  4. If you have Order Types configured, you can optionally select certain order types to be excluded from automatic invoicing. Instead, orders will be placed into a status of "To Invoice".
  5. Optionally enter a number of hours into Delay sending for. You can delay the sending of invoices for up to 24 hours past the delivery of the order.

    Note: If you have deferred payments enabled, the Delay sending for will also delay the deferred payment. This ensures that the payment and the invoice are processed together. 
  6. Click Save.

Automatic invoicing will be enabled for all future orders immediately.

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