Delivery Postcodes

Delivery Postcodes allow you to automatically charge for delivery depending on the postcode of the customer.

You will find the Delivery Postcodes setting on the Settings page. To edit your delivery postcodes:

  1. Click Delivery Postcodes, then Edit on the Settings page.
  2. Set Enabled to Yes if you want this feature to be available immediately (you may want to keep this set to No until you're completely happy with your postcodes).
  3. Click in the first blank row to add a Postcode. Add either the full postcode, or the starting part of a postcode. Be aware that if you enter for example '38' then any Postcode starting with 38 (e.g. '3801', '3802', '3805'...) will be included. For UK Postcodes, remember that if you put (say EH3 - Central Edinburgh), this will include EH31, EH32, EH33.. etc, so if you wanted different charges for these areas, they would have to be specifically included.
  4. For each postcode you can enter a generic description (a district, region, suburb or area) relating to the postcode. This description is for your reference only and will never be shown to the Customer.
  5. Next, you can either set a delivery cost for delivery to that district, or by ticking the Exclude box, prevent the customer from ordering from that district.
  6. Click Save.

Tip: If you have a lot of postcodes to enter then you can import them from a spreadsheet using the Import facility.

Finally, notice that you can also use an asterisk (*) to denote any other district which has not been specified, so you could either exclude all customers outside of your city, or you could decide to charge them more.

This setting is available on all plans within the production, distribution and catering editions.

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