Document Templates

You can customise all the documents that are in the system. All documents have a default style so there is no need to create your documents from scratch.

  1. hover over the document row 
  2. click the pencil
  3. select the file to upload
  4. save
You can also add your own template, the following information is for advanced users - you can also contact FoodStorm to create custom templates for you.
  1. click add
  2. select a type
  3. give your template a name
  4. upload your template
  5. click save 
To delete hover over the row and click on the cross. The will only delete the document if it has been changed and it will revert back to the default.

Depending on your version of Microsoft Word, a merge field can be inserted into a template using one of the following methods:

Windows: Microsoft Word (Various versions) 

一. Click the Insert tab in the toolbar. 
一. Click the Quick Parts button, then select Field... 
一. In the Field names box, scroll down and click MergeField. 
一. In the Field name box, type the name of the merge field. 
一. Click OK.

Mac: Word (Various versions)

一. Click the Insert menu in the toolbar 
一. Click Field... 
一. In the Categories box, click Mail Merge 
一. In the Field names box, click MergeField 
一. In the Field codes box, after the word MERGEFIELD, type the name of the merge field (ensure there is a space between MERGEFIELD and the name of your merge field) 
一. Click OK. 

Most versions of Microsoft Word support merge fields. To learn how to insert a merge field for your version of Word, press F1 in Word to display the help menu, then search for insert merge field.

Editing a merge field

Note: Do not edit a merge field by directly typing into it in Word, this may cause undesired results.

To edit an existing merge field in your document, use one of the following methods.

Windows: Microsoft Word 

Right click on the field you want to edit and select Edit field... 
In the Field name box, make your required changes. 
Click OK

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