Customer Orders

This setting allows you to define certain rules when placing customer orders both in the shopping cart and admin system.

  • Delivery cost - will be added to every order.May also be subject to a delivery surcharge. More detail on Delivery cost and Delivery surcharge can be found in the article  All about Delivery Charges 
  • Send emails by default - when you add an order through the admin system you can chose whether the send email button is selected or not by default.
  • Lock invoiced orders - you can turn this setting on to prevent changes being made to an invoice that has already gone out to the customer. You can create a credit if you need to refund any part of the order.
  • Prevent orders for previous months - you can turn this setting on to prevent changes being made to an order that falls in a previous month. You may have already sent your orders through to your accounting software and you don't want your orders falling out of sync. 
  • Default departure time - This will affect all orders and this time will appear on the production and delivery logs. You can override this through departures on the orders page.

Delivery Days

  • The following settings are in the 'Delivery Days' table which allows you to specify differing values for each day if you so wish. Note that for customers using Sites, these settings may be overridden by Site Settings
  • Delivery times - orders being placed through the shopping cart will be restricted to your delivery times for the specified day. Through the admin system you can place an order for any delivery time.
  • Min. order amount - this will prevent orders being placed through the shopping cart unless they spend the minimum amount. The Min. order amount can differ from day to day. Note however that the Min. order amount restrictions will not apply in the admin system. If you place an order in the admin. system it can be for any amount.
  • Delivery Surcharge - allows you to apply an extra delivery charge on specified days. This will not override a Company Delivery charge or a Customer Delivery charge, but will be a surcharge on Delivery Postcode charges or the default delivery charge. For more information about this see  All about Delivery charges

This setting is available on all plans and all editions. Not all of these settings will be available on Care.

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