Shopping Cart

Firstly you have to decide if you want a shopping cart or not. If you choose to enable the shopping cart you can configure the settings.

  • Primary address - enter your FoodStorm domain name. (This will automatically be pre-filled when you create your account but can be edited. When you choose your primary address you need to send this to you web designer so they can link your website up to your shopping cart.)
  • Secondary address -  set up your own address
  • Email notification of new orders - when a new order is placed online you can have an email sent to you. If you select yes it will send the email to the address from Account Info.
  • Prevent orders after - choose a time the day before that you want to cut off orders. If someone tries to place an order online after this time a message will appear prompting them to call you.
  • Customers can amend & cancel orders - you can allow your customers to amend and cancel orders online. These do come through as requests and must be confirmed by staff.
  • Rewards - set up your own loyalties program for your customers. This feature is only available on the Max plan and the catering edition.
  • Template - this is where the look and feel of your shopping cart is set. This must be written in CSS.
  • Customer mode - only available in the catering edition you can set whether you are an internal or external caterer. Internal allows you to set levels and rooms for delivery and external means you do deliveries off site.
  • Availability - stop orders being placed for a certain date length. This can be used for public holidays. Learn more >
  • Online Payment Enabled - learn more about online payments.

This setting is available on all plans and the production, distribution and catering editions.

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