Multi-time Packs

Multi-time packs allow you to create a package that contains multiple delivery times. This is particularly useful for whole day event packages, which may contain a Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea delivery.

Multi time packs can also be selected by your customers when placing orders via your shopping cart - the customer will be prompted to select a delivery time for each delivery service within the pack (e.g. a Breakfast delivery time, a Lunch delivery time etc).

Delivery Service Names

Before you can create a multi-time pack, you must first add your relevant delivery services, such as Breakfast & Lunch. These delivery service names can then be used for any multi-time pack that you create.

To add delivery service names:

  1. Click Settings in the main menu
  2. On the settings page, click Delivery Service Names.
  3. Click Add, then enter a name, such as Breakfast.
  4. Click Save & Exit, or Save & Add Another to add further names.
  5. When you have added all of your delivery service name, sign out of FoodStorm, then back in again for the changes to take effect. 

Creating a Multi-Time Pack

For general information on how to create a pack, please see Adding a Pack. Below is some general information on how to configure a pack to allow multiple delivery times:

  • If your pack contains selections, select a delivery service for each selection via the Delivery Service field.
  • If your pack contains fixed items, select a delivery service for each fixed item in the Delivery Service column.

Note: If you select a delivery service for any selection or fixed item, you must select a delivery service for all selections & fixed items in the pack. If you do not want a pack to use multiple delivery times, ensure the delivery service field is blank for all selections & fixed items.

Customer Experience via your Shopping Cart

If you have made a multi-time pack visible on your shopping cart, customers will be able to add the pack to their order. When the customer reaches the Checkout page, they will be prompted to select a delivery time for each delivery service within the pack, e.g. they must select a time for Breakfast, a time for Lunch etc.

Adding a Multi-Time Pack to an Order

When adding a pack to a customer order, you can to assign individual pack items to a different delivery time.

To assign multiple times to a pack:

  1. Add the pack to your customer order.
  2. Enter your delivery times by clicking the Add delivery time button.
  3. Alongside each item in your pack you will notice a delivery time drop-down list (note that you will only see this if there is more than one delivery time in your order). Select the appropriate delivery time for each item in the pack.

Note: If you change the delivery time for the pack itself, the delivery times for the items in the pack will only be updated if they are all the same time. If you have multiple delivery times in the pack, no times will be updated when the pack time is changed.

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