Adding a recipe

To add recipes you need to mark the item as "I make this item."

After you have saved the item you can add or update the recipe

  1. Click on the made item and click edit/Recipe.
  2. You should enter the name of the recipe (which may be the same as the actual item) at the top.
  3. Enter a description, unit type, Unit size, Unit and a number of serves made by the recipe in the fields provided.
  4. Enter the ingredients, bought items, and the quantity used in the recipe. If you enter an ingredient which does not exist on the system you will see a "no item found" message, and a yellow warning symbol will appear, and your costing mechanism will not work for this ingredient. For the costing to work properly, each item has to exist as an ingredient.
  5. Enter any additional costs incurred in the fields provided.
  6. Optionally enter a method. If the method includes pictures, then you can click the "Insert Image" button, you can save many pictures this way if you like, but notice that if you try to paste the picture directly into the text field, you will very quickly exceed the allowable size of the field.
  7. Click Save.
You can enter a recipe in at any size and then scale the recipe for the quantity you are required to make.
This feature is available on the plus plan & above and all editions.
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