Rewards program

You can offer a rewards program to your customers. They will collect 1 point for every $1 they spend. 

In the Shopping Cart setting you can enable the rewards program.

Once rewards is enabled customers will be able to sign up for rewards. When you add a customer you will see an option for adding the customer to the rewards program.

Create your own rewards for your customers to choose from. On the items page:

  • Click the Add a Reward button.
  • Enter the name of the reward.
  • Optionally enter a description.
  • Add a photo of the product.
  • Enter how many points the reward is worth.
  • Click Save.
On the left panel of the items page you can view the rewards you have added. Customers can redeem rewards on the shopping cart, once a reward has been redeemed you will receive an email with the details at which point you can organise the reward the deliver it to your customer.
This feature is available on the max plan and the catering edition. You must have a shopping cart to offer the rewards program.
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