Adding unavailable staff

This help article assumes you've started adding staff to your orders, and are allocating employees to your orders. Read this article for more information about this.

If one of your staff is going to be unavailable to work for an amount of time, e.g. on holiday, yodelling course etc. you can record this in FoodStorm. Not only is this a handy reference for you, but more importantly FoodStorm will ensure that the employee cannot be allocated to any shifts during that time.

To add unavailable staff:

  1. On the Orders page, click the Add button in the menu at the top, then select Unavailable Staff
  2. Type the name of the employee, and the date range in which they are unavailable. You need to include the time of day, that the employee is unavailable. This allows you to add very specific unavailability, e.g. just away for an evening.
  3. Type a reason for the unavailability - this is just for your own reference.
  4. Click Save & exit.
You can view your upcoming staff unavailability at any time via the Orders page, click Shifts, then Unavailable Staff in the left-hand column.
This feature is available on the max plan and the catering edition.
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