Viewing upcoming shifts & allocated employees

This help article assumes you've started adding staff to your orders, and are allocating employees to your orders. Read this article for more information about this.

There are a number of neat ways of viewing your upcoming shifts via the Orders page in FoodStorm. You'll notice a section in the left-hand column called Shifts, if you expand this section you'll see the following options:

  • Upcoming. This view shows you all shifts from today onwards, it's a quick way of seeing what's coming up. Another way to see all your upcoming shifts is to click Schedule - this shows you a calendar of everything that's going on.
  • Unallocated. This view shows you all shifts that have not yet been allocated to an employee. This is handy to ensure all your shifts have been allocated before an event occurs.
  • By Date. As the name suggests, this view shows you all shifts for a given day.
  • By Employee. This view shows you all upcoming shifts for a given employee - handy if an employee calls you to find out when they are working. After clicking on this view, type the name of the employee into the Employee field at the top of the page, then press Enter.
  • Unavailable Staff. Shows you any upcoming staff unavailability. To find out more about adding unavailable staff read this article.  
These features are available on the max plan and the catering edition.
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