Customer order instructions

When you add a customer order you can add additional information for your staff to see.

Item Notes

These are notes for the item in that row. This information will be displayed below the item in the production log.

This feature is available on all plans and all editions.

Production Note

Click on the Production Note button to add notes for the kitchen. This is a note for the order as a whole and it will appear at the end of the production log in it's own table.

Delivery Note

Click on the Delivery Note button to add notes for your delivery drivers. This note appears on the delivery log and is used to provide more information to your delivery drivers.

These features are available on all plans and the production, distribution & catering editions.

Staff Notes

Add for staff on a job. This information can be displayed on your reports or your document templates.

This feature is available on the max plan and the catering edition.

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