Printing & saving order documents

You can print several documents from FoodStorm.

  • Invoices - include your business details, order totals and remittance advice.
  • Orders - appear the same as the invoices but don't include the remittance advice.
  • Packing Slips - a list of the items ordered with no prices or any costs for the order.
  • Delivery Notes - the same as a packing slip but if the order has multiple delivery times, each delivery will appear on a separate page.
  • Quotes - are the same as orders, they are attached to the email when you send out quotes.
You can choose to individually print/save any of these documents by clicking on the order in the table and clicking the print & save button. (Make sure you click on the icons and not the words).
Or you can bulk print all your orders for a give day by clicking on the print button at the top of the page. Enter the delivery date, tick the documents you want to print and click print or save then click done. If you have already printed out documents through out the day you can optionally tick to exclude previously printed orders. 
You can also you use the shift key to select multiple orders to print. Shift click on the orders you want to print and click the Print & Save button at the bottom of the page. Select the document you wish to print by clicking on the icon.
This feature is available on all plans and all editions.

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