Converting a quote into an order

When you add a quote into FoodStorm, you can quickly convert the quote into an order saving a lot of time on order entry.

  1. On the Orders page click on the quote in the table.
  2. Click on the Approve button.
  3. In the Approve Quote page make any further changes if required
  4. Click Save and the quote is now a confirmed order.
If you entered a quote for a lead you will need to convert the lead to a customer. When you click Approve the Confirm New Contact will open, make any changes, if required, and click save.

Converting an order into a quote

Under some circumstances it is also possible to convert a Customer Order into a Quote, as long as the following conditions have been met:

  1. The order is not invoiced
  2. The order has no payments
  3. The order has not been exported to your accounting software

To convert an order into a quote:

  1. Locate the order via the Orders page.
  2. Click the Copy button from the Order Menu Bar.
  3. Click Convert to Quote.
  4. The Edit Quote page is then displayed, allowing you to make further changes if requored.
  5. Click Save and the order will be converted into a Quote.


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