Adding a customer order

You can add a customer order directly into the back end system when they call, email, fax, etc an order to you.
Manage and track all your orders through this simple and easy to use system.

  1. On the orders page click Add a Customer Order
  2. Enter the name of the customer. See adding a customer.
  3. Enter the date the order needs to be delivered. (Once you do this you will notice that the address of the customer has already pre-filled.)
  4. Select the time for delivery. Note: delivery times are 12 hour.
  5. Enter in the items for the customer in the table. This price for the item will populate once you type in a quantity. All prices can be overridden at the order level, as can discounts.
  6. If you require a deposit to be paid, you can specify the deposit % of the order below the item table. This will calculate the deposit required based on the total of the order.
  7. Enter any item notes, delivery instruction or production logs as required. This information appears on the reports.
  8. Send the confirmation directly to the customer by email or you can un tick the box to not send it. (The send confirmation tick box can be turned off by default through the customer orders setting.
  9. Save the order.
This feature is available on all plans and all editions.
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