FoodStorm Deputy Sync

What is Deputy?

Deputy is a Staff Management system. Deputy can automate your staff allocation for events, and it also supports time sheeting and integrates with Accounting & Payroll systems.

Find out more at You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial via the Deputy website.

How the FoodStorm Deputy Sync works

FoodStorm automatically syncs the following information with Deputy, approximately every 1 minute:

  • Positions in FoodStorm are added as Areas in Deputy (e.g. “Waiter”, “Bartender” etc.)
  • Employees in FoodStorm are added as Employees in Deputy.
  • Shifts in FoodStorm are added as Schedules in Deputy.
  • When Employees are allocated to a Schedule in Deputy, the allocation is synced back to FoodStorm, so that the Employee is allocated to the Shift in FoodStorm also (which is useful when generating Event Run Sheets etc.)

What is not synced with Deputy:

  • Additional Areas that you add directly in Deputy are not synced back to FoodStorm. Always create Positions in FoodStorm, then the Areas will be automatically created in Deputy.
  • The same goes for Employees – do not create Employees directly in Deputy, always create Employees in FoodStorm then they will be automatically created in Deputy.
  • Finally, do not modify Schedule start & end times in Deputy – modify your Shift times in FoodStorm and then the Schedules will be updated automatically in Deputy.

Note: Once you enable FoodStorm Deputy sync, the existing method of allocating employees to Shifts in FoodStorm will be removed. Also, the ability to set employee Unavailability in FoodStorm will be removed, as this can be done in Deputy.

Important! Before you enable FoodStorm Deputy Sync

Whenever an Employee is added to Deputy for the first time, Deputy sends an email to the employee inviting them to join the Deputy system.

When you do your first sync with Deputy, all employees in FoodStorm that are allocated to a Position will be added to Deputy – and if an employee is not already in Deputy then the employee will be sent an invitation email.

Employees in FoodStorm that are not allocated to any Positions will not be synced with Deputy. This allows you to exclude certain employees, such as FoodStorm Admin Users.

We highly recommend that before you enable the FoodStorm Deputy Sync, you should go through your employees in FoodStorm and check the following:

  1. Archive any employee who no longer works for you, or any employee you don’t want to be in Deputy.
  2. Check that all employees have an email address and a mobile phone number. This is very important as Deputy relies on both pieces of information to send Shift requests to employees.

Enabling the FoodStorm Deputy Sync

Once you have checked all of your employees in the steps above, you can enable the Deputy Sync by following these steps (you need to be a FoodStorm Admin to do this):

  1. Click on the Cog Icon, then Settings.
  2. Click Plug-ins in the menu at the top of the Settings page.
  3. Locate the Deputy plug-in, then click Activate.
  4. Click Connect FoodStorm to your Deputy account…
  5. Follow the steps presented by Deputy to connect to FoodStorm
  6. Once you are returned back to FoodStorm, click Save.
  7. Sign out of FoodStorm then back in again for the changes to take effect.

Using the FoodStorm Deputy Sync

Once the FoodStorm Deputy Sync is enabled, your Positions, Employees & Shifts will begin syncing with Deputy. Note that it might take a few minutes for the first Sync to complete, based on how many Employees & Shifts you have in FoodStorm.

Moving forward, your data will be synced with Deputy automatically, about every 1 minute. So if you’ve just added a new Shift in FoodStorm, you might need to wait a little bit for it to appear in Deputy.

The same goes for allocating Employees to Schedules in Deputy – it might take a minute or so for the allocation to appear back in FoodStorm.

Checking Sync Status

You can check the sync status of your Shifts in FoodStorm via the Orders page. If you click any of the Shift menus (Upcoming Shifts, Unallocated Shifts etc), you will see a “Deputy” column in the list:

  • If you see a “waiting” icon (looks like a clock), then the Shift has not yet been synced with Deputy.
  • If you see a green Tick icon, then the Shift is up-to-date in Deputy.
  • If you see a yellow “error” triangle, then something has gone wrong – please contact us for support at

Customising Shift Notes

When a Shift is synced from FoodStorm to Deputy, notes are added to the shift which include the name of the customer and the address of the event.

If required, you can customise these notes to add other event information. To customise the shift notes:

  1. Click on the Cog Icon, then Settings.
  2. Click Plug-ins in the menu at the top of the Settings page.
  3. Locate the Deputy plug-in, then click Edit.
  4. The Shift Notes field displays the information that is added to each shift in Deputy. This Shift Notes uses Merge Fields, which are replaced with the relevant order information when a shift is synced to Deputy. The following merge fields can be used (NOTE: The fields are case sensitive, and must be entered exactly as below):


  5. Once you've customised your Shift Notes, click Save.

The changes will take effect for all new Shifts created in FoodStorm.


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