About FoodStorm Plugins

FoodStorm integrates with many third-party systems, including Accounting Software, Online Payment Providers and Marketing Tools. You can find all of our available integrations via the Plugins page in FoodStorm.

To view the Plugins page, click Settings > Plugins.

Activating a Plugin

Note: Many of our plugins have specific help guides to help you set them up. You can read these by clicking the Learn More link for the plugin on the Plugins page.

Below is general information on how to activate a Plugin:

  1. For any of our plugins, you will first need an account with the plugin provider. For more information, click the Learn More link on the Plugins page.
  2. Once you've signed up with the plugin provider, click the Activate button for the plugin.
  3. Enter the required information into the fields displayed on the screen. If you're unsure what to enter here you can contact the plugin provider for assistance.
  4. Click Save.

Your plugin will be activated. Note: You may need to sign out of FoodStorm then back in again for your change to take effect.

Deactivating a Plugin

If you no longer wish to use a particular plugin, you can deactivate it via Settings > Plugins. Simply locate the plugin on this page then click Deactivate.

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