MYOB Text File Export

For customers using MYOB for Mac or MYOB AccountRight Live, FoodStorm provides a text file export of Orders, Customers & Items that can be imported into MYOB.

This feature is disabled by default, so please contact FoodStorm support to have it enabled.

Exporting to MYOB

  1. In FoodStorm, click Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, click Import & Export from the page menu.
  3. On the Import & Export page, click Export from the page menu, then select Customer Orders.
  4. On the Export page, select MYOB as the format (if you do not see MYOB, then contact FoodStorm support to have the feature enabled. Also ensure you have signed out of FoodStorm, then back in again after the feature is enabled).
  5. Enter a date range into the From Date & To Date fields, then click Next >.
  6. You will then be prompted to enter names and account numbers for all Items and Customers that will be transferred into MYOB. Please note the following:

    • If you want to link an Item or Customer to an existing Item or Customer in MYOB, then enter the MYOB Name exactly as it appears in MYOB.
    • If you want to create a new Item or Customer, enter MYOB Name as you want it to appear in MYOB and the record will be created when importing into MYOB.
    • When entering a MYOB Account Number against an item, the Account Number must be entered exactly as it appears in MYOB, and the income account must already existing in MYOB (e.g. "4-1000")
  7. Click Save. You will then be returned to the Import & Export page and you will see your export in a status of Waiting. Wait a short while until the status is Completed.
  8. Click on the Completed export, then click Download in the panel below. This will download a ZIP file to your computer.
  9. Open the ZIP file, then extract the 3 files to a place on your PC that you will remember. On Windows 7 and above, there will be an Extract All button that you can click that will extract all files in the ZIP file.
  10. Open your company file in MYOB.
  11. In MYOB, click File > Import/Export Assistant.
  12. Click Import Data then click Next >.
  13. In the Import box, select Cards.
  14. Click the Browse button and select the Customers_201XXXXXX.txt file that you previously extracted.
  15. Click Next >, then click Next > again.
  16. On the Match Fields page, click Auto Match, then click Next >.
  17. Click Import. Wait while the import is processed.
  18. Ensure the next page says X records imported without Errors. If there are any errors, click view the log to find out what went wrong.
  19. Click Import more data.
  20. In the Import box, select Items. Click Browse, then select the Items_201XXXXXX.txt file.
  21. Repeat steps 15 to 19.
  22. In the Import box, select Sales, then Item Sales.
  23. Click Browse, then select the Orders_201XXXXXX.txt file.
  24. Repeat steps 15 to 18.

Your Customers, Items & Orders will be imported into MYOB.

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