MYOB warning: Cannot add surcharge of X to existing invoice.

When you import a Payment from FoodStorm into MYOB, the FoodStorm Import tool may display the following warning after importing:

Cannot add surcharge of X to existing invoice. Please update in MYOB.

This warning is displayed when a payment with a surcharge has been imported for an invoice that already exists in MYOB (i.e. the invoice was imported on a previous occasion). The problem is that the FoodStorm Import tool is unable to update the invoice already in MYOB to apply the surcharge, unfortunately this is a limitation of MYOB.

This means that you need to manually update the invoice in MYOB to apply the surcharge. To do this, locate the invoice in MYOB, edit the invoice, and add a new line item for the surcharge. Typically the invoice will be out of balance for exactly the surcharge amount which should make things a bit easier.

Preventing this issue from occurring

There are a few ways that you can prevent this issue from occurring:

  1. Wait a while before importing your invoices. Just say your payment terms are 7 days, then if you wait 7 days before importing your invoices then chances are that they have already been paid. If the invoices are imported along with the payments then this issue will not occur.
  2. Don't charge a payment surcharge. If there is no surcharge on payments then this issue will not occur. If surcharges are applied to the majority of your orders, then perhaps consider factoring the surcharge into the price of the items you sell instead.
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