Overview of Stock level control

FoodStorm can show you current stock levels of items which you define as stocked (i.e. you have ticked the box "I stock this item" when you edited the item).

You can use a 'Stocktake' to set the initial stock levels of an item.

A stocktake can be done for a single item, or any number of items, and this is the only way to 'set' stock levels.

A stock take can be done any time by selecting 'Stock Takes' from the item menu.

Once your stock levels are set you can leave it for up to a year before doing another stock take.

The system will keep track of your items by updating the stock forecast each time an order is placed (this will decrement the stock level), or each time a Production Run is done, or each time a Supplier Order is created (these two events will increment the stock level).

You can view the current stock level on the items screen, or you can run a Stock Forecast report.


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