Using the Email Log

You can view a list of all emails sent by FoodStorm in the last 30 days using the email log. You can view the email log by clicking the email icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Email Statuses

Each email in the log will be assigned one of the following statuses:


The email is still waiting to be sent by FoodStorm. Emails usually take no more than a few minutes to be sent.

The email has been sent by FoodStorm, but we're still waiting on a response from the recipient to see if it was delivered successfully or not.

The email has been successfully delivered to the recipient. Note that if the recipient says that they have not received the email, then it has probably gone into their junk mail. See this article on how to help prevent emails from going into junk.

There is a temporary problem at the recipients end. The message has not yet been delivered, but FoodStorm will try and send the message again later in the day. FoodStorm will keep on trying to send until the message is either delivered (see above) or bounced (see below).

The message was not delivered and was sent back to us with an error message. Click on the email in the email log and read the Message field. This is the message that was sent back to FoodStorm from the recipient, and often gives you a clue as to what went wrong. 

For help troubleshooting bounced emails, see this article.

The message started to be delivered but the connection was broken so the delivery failed. It is best to retry sending the email as that will usually work.

The message could not be sent by FoodStorm. There may be something wrong with the message itself, such as an invalid email address. Click on the email in the email log and read the Message field to see what the problem was.


You can search for an email by entering a recipients email address (i.e. who the email was sent to), into the Search field at the top of the page.

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