Changing the look & feel of your shopping cart

You can change the look & feel of your shopping cart to suit your business:

  1. In FoodStorm, click Settings.
  2. Expand the Shopping Cart section.
  3. Click the Design button.

From here, there are various ways of changing the look & feel of your shopping cart:

  • Pre-designed templates. FoodStorm provides a great range of professionally designed templates in different themes for you to choose from. You can browse these via the Templates tab on the page.
  • Basic template customisation. Once you've chosen a template, you can make basic changes to the template, such as changing colours, via the Customise tab on the page.
  • Advanced template customisation. If you have a knowledge of HTML & CSS (or have a web designer), you can make a highly customized look & feel via the Advanced tab. We've also written a help guide Advanced customisation of your shopping cart design.
  • Premium design service. We can create you a professionally designed look & feel, find out more.
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