Getting Started

Getting started with FoodStorm

Hello and welcome to FoodStorm. Log in to FoodStorm with your username and password then follow these 3 easy steps to begin using FoodStorm.

Step 1

Configure your settings, this is something you will only need to do once and it is your first stepping-stone.

The following 5 settings are the only ones you will need to set up in the beginning and the rest you can take a look at another day.

  • Account info.
  • Payments
  • Order Numbers
  • Shopping Cart
  • Users

Read full instructions

Step 2

Congratulations on talking your first step into setting up your account. 

Now you need to get some data, your customers and your items, into the system and from here you have 2 options.

  • Import your data into FoodStorm using excel
  • Manually enter your data directly into FoodStorm.

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Step 3

Now that your customers and items are uploaded into FoodStorm you can begin by placing your first order.

Read full instructions

You have now completed the set up process and you can now continue using FoodStorm.

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