First 5 Key Settings

On both the settings page and account page and you will find a bunch of settings that will allow you to configure and customise FoodStorm as your business requires. Here we are just concentrating on the first 5 settings you will need to set before you start using the system. Firstly login to FoodStorm to enter this information.

Account Info - Found on the Accounts Page

Account page is found in the top right of FoodStorm. Click on Account Info and click Edit, fill in all the fields. The information that you provide here will appear on documents such as invoices and packing slips as well as the shopping cart and emails sent from the system. Learn more >


Settings page is found in the top right of FoodStorm. Edit the Payments setting to supply your customers with your payment options. This information will appear on the remittance advice at the foot of your invoices. Also you can optionally turn on Automatic Invoicing, this means all your invoices will be emailed directly to your customer on the date and time of delivery - Edit the Invoice setting to turn this feature on. Learn more >

Order Numbers

FoodStorm integrates with your accounting software and you can transfer all your invoices across with no copy typing but to ensure no duplicate order numbers are used you need to set which order number you would like to start at in FoodStorm. Check in your accounting software for the next order number and start from there. Learn more >

Shopping Cart

If you are planning on offering online ordering to your customers then you need to set up your shopping cart. Tick to enable the shopping cart and you can put your restrictions for orders being placed a certain time the day before delivery. Learn more >

Note: If you are setting up the shopping cart also configure the Customer Orders setting. 


These are members of staff that can log into the back end system. You can set up 3 different kinds of users.

  • Account owners
  • Administrators
  • Standard users*

*Standard users are the only ones that require you to select permissions.

A user must be set up as an employee. Click into the employee field and type in the name if it doesn’t appear click add new and fill in the fields. The only mandatory fields you need to enter are first name, last name and email. Save the employee record and continue setting up the user. Learn more >

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