Entering Data

Getting your customers and items into FoodStorm is very important, as this will allow you to begin placing orders. There are 2 ways of getting your information into FoodStorm:

  • Import your data using our excel templates (Recommended)
  • Manually enter the data directly into FoodStorm.

Importing your data

 You can import both your contacts and your items into FoodStorm using 2 excel templates.

The spreadsheets can be found on the import & export page reached from the settings cogwheel dropdown menu, or from the Import Export button at the top of the settings page.

There is an example row to help you understand what data goes into each column.

Hints and Tips on importing data

Some hints and tips to help you with importing Items follow - we suggest you read these before you get started!. 

  • It helps if you have experience of using Excel. Getting all the columns and values aligned correctly comes with experience!
  • You should copy the sample sheet and save it somewhere on your computer with a name and filePath of your choosing. You will need this information later when you come to import the items.
  • Foodstorm will accept whatever data you provide, however we currently do not have a way to undo the import, so you should practise firstly with one or two items to make sure you understand the impact of your column entries. Once you have gained confidence in the procedure you can increase the number of items you import.    
  • The spreadsheet you fill out divides naturally into 3 areas:  Item Details, Sold Item Data, and Bought Item data. If you are only interested in the selling aspect then you can leave the Bought Item data blank. 
  • You can highlight a column and right-click to ensure the currency column is in "Number" format (i.e. no currency symbols and 2 decimal places).
  • If you wish items to be displayed in your shoppingCart, then it is important to set the "VISIBILITY" column to be "ShoppingCartVisibility". Be aware however that if you do this then the items will immediately be available in your ShoppingCart!
  • Once an item has been entered you can easily enough "Edit" it to make any changes you like after it has been imported, hoever bear in mind that the Import is a powerful process and you can enter thousands of items at once using the mechanism...if you take the time to get the entries correct before importing them then you will save much editing time!
  • Each time you run an import, you will receive an email giving you the results of the import. It normally takes only a minute or to to complete the import and get the email.

Manually entering your data

 On the contacts page you can add customers and link them to companies. Fill in the relevant information, name, phone, addresses etc. and tick - This contact is a customer.

On the items page you can add your items but first you need to add your categories under Sold Items. When adding a sold item you can set information like unit type, price, minimum units and minimum order days.

Visibility sets whether only staff can view the item in the back end system or also by your customers on the shopping cart.

Adding photos enhances your shopping cart and makes items appealing to your customers. Using our simple tool you can scale and crop your photos down to size.

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