Adding a Customer Order

Placing a customer order into FoodStorm is quick and easy. Before you can add customer orders through the orders page you need to set up your contacts and items. See Entering data.

Enter the customer’s first name and instantly the delivery and invoice will appear. These can be over ridden at the order level by clicking on the pencil. Enter the date on which the order is for and select a time for delivery (12 hour). When you enter in your items they will automatically pre fill and you will instantly see the price, which you can also override at the order level.

Item notes allow you to have instructions regarding that one item and delivery and production notes are for the order as a whole. These notes appear on the delivery and production logs, view your reports through the reports page.

Order confirmations are sent directly to the customer's email and you can even write a custom message for that personal touch. A history is recorded for every action made against an order, you can additionally add notes for your own records.

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