Online Quote Approval

FoodStorm allows your customers to approve a quote online, by clicking an Approve button directly from their emailed quote.

If you use the FoodStorm Payments Module, and your quote requires a deposit payment, then the deposit must be paid online by the customer in order to approve the quote.

Online Quote Approval requires the Shopping Cart Module. Please contact our sales team for more information about this module.

If you are using the standard FoodStorm Quote Template, then the Approve button will automatically be displayed at the end of your quote:


If you already have a customised Quote Template, then you can add the Approve button by editing your template, and adding the following merge field:


Please see our help article on editing document templates for more information.

Customer Experience

When a customer clicks the Approve button in their quote, they will be taken to a web page where they can approve the quote.

The Approve Quote functions in two different ways:

  1. If the quote does not require a deposit, then the customer is required to type in their full name and then click Approve.
  2. If the quote requires a deposit (and you are using the FoodStorm Payments Module), then the customer must enter their credit card information to pay the deposit, and then click Approve.

A shopping cart account is not required to access this page – all customers will be taken directly to the approve quote page. However, if a customer does have an account, then they can optionally log in which will provide them with access to their stored credit cards.


When a quote is approved online, a notification email is sent to your catering team. This is the email address specified on your Account page in FoodStorm.

If you use multiple Sites in FoodStorm, then the notification will be sent to the email address of the Site that the order belongs to.

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