Draft Orders

Saving a draft

When adding or editing a Customer Order or Quote, a Draft copy of your work will be automatically saved every 30 seconds while you are working on the order.

If for any reason you lose your connection to FoodStorm, e.g. due to an Internet issue or computer crash, you can access your most recent Draft via the Drafts shortcut in the left column of the Orders page.

You can also save a Draft of an order at any time by clicking the Cancel button on the Edit Order page - this will automatically save a draft of your most recent changes, and return you to the Orders page.

Who can access drafts

A Draft is saved each time a FoodStorm User begins adding or editing an order - and only that same FoodStorm User can access their Drafts. Drafts are not shared between different users.

Drafts can not be printed and Drafts will not appear on any Reports. 

When drafts are discarded

A Draft will be permanently deleted under the following circumstances:

  • When you Save an order (i.e. by clicking the Save button on the Edit Order page), any existing Drafts for that order will be deleted. This includes any Drafts that other FoodStorm users may have had for the order.
  • If a Draft is older than 30 days it will be deleted.
  • You can manually delete a Draft by clicking the Delete button via the Drafts shortcut on the Orders page. You can also delete all of your drafts by clicking Delete all drafts.
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